My Journey

Growing up, I struggled with my own mental health challenges, and the lack of information and affordable services meant that I struggled in silence for longer than I needed to. This led me to pursue a degree in Psychology, where I gained a thorough understanding of various mental health disorders and effective therapeutic interventions.

After completing my degree, I went on to work as a school counselor, where I had the privilege of supporting and guiding students through their emotional difficulties. This experience further strengthened my desire to make a positive impact in the mental health field.

My Motivation

Access To All

Through my journey, I realized that there is a lack of accessible, reliable, and empowering information when it comes to mental health. This realization motivated me to start my own mental health content creation, where I can share informative and practical resources to help individuals and families take control of their mental well-being.


I believe that everyone has the power to improve their mental health, no matter their background or current circumstances. Together, we can create an empowering and supportive community where individuals can learn, grow, and thrive.

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